Sometimes it’s hard to see the forest for the trees. You work hard every day to meet your customers’ current needs and anticipate what they’ll want in the future. You listen carefully, attend to your market, and watch your cash flow. You give your employees the best training and benefits that inspire loyalty. Crystallux Group Inc. is a solid business with a good reputation — so what’s next?

Growth and innovation are important, but big picture thinking can be tough, especially when you’re busy with day-to-day transactions and business is consistently good. But could business be great? At Crystallux Group Inc. we think so.

You outsource your cleaning, your accounting, your IT services, and your web presence. It makes good financial and business sense to bring in the experts so you can focus on what you do best. Crystallux Group Inc. is the provider of choice for big-picture organizational problem solving and creative growth strategy. We’ll help you think about your business in a whole new way, bringing a fresh perspective to long-standing challenges and helping you envision – and achieve – a future with unlimited possibilities.

Our objective is to build on your considerable strengths to ensure that your company continues to be a leader in your industry.

I look forward to meeting with you to discuss next steps.

About Us

Crystallux Group Inc. solutions don’t come out of a box ready to plug and play. We pride ourselves on identifying your challenges quickly and designing strategies to address them, always keeping top of mind your business’s need for minimal disruption.

We’ve been helping businesses for over 10 years, both here in this community and internationally. We know the landscape, we know your market, and we understand your industry.

Each of our consultants has an advanced degree in their field, and at least ten years of experience actually working in that field. This marriage of theory and practice is critical to our strategic approach. Combined, our consultants have over 100 years of hands-on problem-solving expertise behind them. That’s a lot of problems, and even more solutions.

In the last two years, we’ve completed major projects for:

  • First Choice wtn
  • Al mansour Construction
  • Craneburg construction

Project Summary

A unique company profile that will help your senior management team focus on goals and communicate those goals to the entire organization
A customized solution tailored to your specific needs
An implementation plan that takes into account the challenges of organizational change and sets benchmarks for success
Implementation services and supports to help overcome obstacles and smooth the path as your solution is rolling out
Ongoing project management and analytics that ensure benchmarks are met and tactics are  modified to reflect the evolving needs of the organization and its clients

Crystallux Group Inc.is a strong brand with a proven track record of meeting customer expectations in a rapidly changing market. You have the products and services people want, but there’s a gap between your current sales and where you want to be.

Growing your business means building on your strengths to improve your company’s flexibility and capacity for innovation – both in what you offer and how you offer it.

That’s where Crystallux Group Inc. comes in.

Discovering your unique business profile.

Crystallux Group Inc. assigns a team specifically for your needs. We get to know you – your strengths, challenges, history, and current needs – and we get to know your market. Together with your project lead and senior management team, we define the problem and create goals to solve it.

Assessing your current situation and establishing

benchmarks for success.

In this phase, we compare your current state to your desired state – where are you now and where do you want to be? We identify specific gaps, set benchmarks for success, outline measurable targets, and select analytics tools.

Designing your customized solution.

Our team designs a customized solution and implementation plan to meet your objectives within the time frame required. We work closely with your project lead and management team to make sure the plan is a good fit with realistic objectives and outcomes.

Implementing your solution and managing change.

We stay with you every step of the way while your solution is rolling out, guiding implementation, tweaking elements of the plan as we get feedback from employees and customers, and measuring success using custom analytics.



Crystallux Group Inc.provides a team of expert consultants that matches your priorities for growth and innovation, and carries out the activities described above within the agreed-upon time frame.


  • Assigns a leader within the organization to work with your Company.
  • Provides access to senior management as needed
  • Provides access to documents, statements, and computer systems as needed
  • Works collaboratively in a series of weekly meetings to move the project forward

Your Investment

Research and Discovery$150/Hour10$1,500/Hour
Analysis and Implementation$150/Hour35$5,250/Hour
Post-Implementation Evaluation$150/Hour5$750/Hour
Tax (15%)+$1,125

Your Investment

Our fees are based on the time required and will be billed at the all-inclusive fixed rate of $150.00 per hour for the contract period of one year from the date of the contract.

Expenses for travel, meals, lodging, printing, and report production are charged as part of the all-inclusive rate above. We are sensitive to the financial challenges facing INDUSTRY and want to minimize fees to the extent possible within the scope of the project.